Subtextnetwork provides the following services:Translations from German or French into EnglishEditing services

I specialize in the following fields:

Social Sciences  I  Linguistics  I  Political Sciences  I  Gender Studies & Queer Theory  I  Humanities and Cultural Sciences  I  Cultural Studies  I  History  I  Art  I   Film

I also offer literary translations. Subtextnetwork was founded with the idea of providing the academic community with translators specialized in the social sciences, broadly speaking. Translating academic texts requires not only highly developed translation skills, but also an academic competence specific to the fields in question. All too often students and scholars have to struggle through poorly translated texts, stumbling over stylistic issues when they could be concentrating on substance. There is no need for that, however, if the translator has the appropriate background and experience. It is always possible to provide a coherent, accurate, and elegant translation of an author’s work. My academic history and my involvement in additional educational milieus have given me the necessary foundation to provide just such a service.

In addition to my academic background, I also work to maintain up-to-date, comprehensive knowledge about pop/sub/high culture and political discourses.

A further qualification that helps me to provide the best possible language services to those in the academic community and beyond is my specialization in three of the key languages used in social sciences literature, namely French, German, and English.

Although academic competence is of utmost importance in the translation of these texts, further consideration is also placed on the need for sensitivity to the texts and topics with which I am working. This includes a familiarity with the history of the subject as well as knowledge of non-discriminatory language use. This is of particular importance when undertaking the translation of texts that deal with research on National Socialism, for example, including survivor interviews and biographies. I am also aware of the necessity to adjust for source and target culture differences, taking care to keep the textual content intact while carrying the intended meaning over into other cultural contexts.

You can find a list of selected projects to date as well as client testimonies.